Refuse to be Confined


Throwing rocks in a glass house has always been frowned upon, but what if the glass walls were constructed to keep you from reaching the rest of the world, or the world from reaching you?

I say throw the rocks! Throw anything and everything you can get your hands on. Bust out the machine gun and blow torch if you must.

Life is not fair. People are selfish. Pain and suffering are inevitable. We build walls around ourselves, so that we don’t have to hurt and suffer. Sometimes the world that locks us inside, because no one wants to be contaminated by who we are or what we represent.

We watch the world from inside our safe space. We plant our self-serving gardens. We close the blinds when something happens to our neighbor that doesn’t jive with our perception of the world.  If it’s too hot, we turn on the AC. If it’s too cold, we crank up the heat.  We wave to our family and friends who live in their adjacent glass houses, thankful that we are free of their contamination.

Trunks stuffed full of dirty little secrets line at least one wall in our houses. Our demons live in the bunkers we’ve constructed beneath our feet.

Rose-colored glass is a popular, as is concave and convex. See the world in bright yellow or calming blues, if you wish. Enjoy a constant sunrise or the dark of night. It’s your house, and you may build it to filter the world out as you see fit. Greenhouses are on the rise.

It all seems lovely, so why would anyone encourage rock throwing? Because I refuse to be confined by myself or others.

Of course, breaking the glass means shards will cascade upon our heads, and shrapnel will fly from every direction.  We’re not going to come out of this without lacerations and permanent scars. We may be dismembered, blinded, and disfigured.

It will be beautiful to see the light fractured among the storm of glass.

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