Forever Learning

As an author and writer it is critical that you continue learning and improving your craft. Yes this means that the books you wrote a year ago will not be as good as the books you are writing now. Well, that’s how it should be. We can all learn to be stronger writers, to use more detail salient prose. To pull our readers down into the crucible along side our characters.

This is what sharing the stories in your head is all about after all and the better you get, the more you can engage your readers. There are so many resources out there to improve your writing. There are podcasts, blogs, YouTube (authortube) content creators, books and conferences/conventions. I say take advantage of all that fits in your time and financial budget without stopping the momentum of your writing and getting to that completed first draft.

It does make it hard when you learn something and realize that you have to go back and re-edit your latest work in progress because you did something “you should never do.” Things in the writing world are always developing and there are always new people coming on scene. The great thing about this is that you may resonate more with one person’s suggestions than another or what one particular person says just clicks with you and what you have been trying to learn just comes in a rush.

This is why you should never limit the sources you explore. I’m not saying you should try everything anyone says about writing. I’m saying find a few people you jive with and follow them while at the same time keeping your eye out for new material or old material presented in a new way.

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