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Big Feelings, Little Ballerina Available now!

Riley Ann is a little ballerina with big feelings and when they happen, she says not so nice things to people she loves. No one wants to play with Riley Ann because she isn’t very nice. Riley Ann and Mama come up with a plan to gain her friends back. Will Riley Ann’s plan help her stop saying mean things that hurt other’s feelings? Let Riley Ann help your little ballerina come up with her own plan of dealing with big big feelings. Purchase it here!

Mama’s Choice is Available Now! Mama’s are more than the ones who carry us in their bellies or sit upon our eggs. Mama means hugs, kisses, and cuddles. Mama means I love you always and forever. Wonderful as a gift for mom on Mother’s day, her birthday, or just because. Moms and children will love this tender book about what a mama is with pictures showing different mother child relationships including some you would not expect. All are actually found in the world, most of the animal relationships are among the families at sanctuaries. Purchase here!

Loving in Pieces Available Now!

We all have family and friends who make decisions in their lives that we wish they didn’t and that we disagree with. They may be decisions that harm others or go against your morals, beliefs, and ethics. In Loving in Pieces, Ava runs off to meet up with her best friend Andy in the meadow. While playing in the meadow, Andy talks about something his mama said about love. Ava is confused but determined to figure it out. Loving in Pieces is all about loving others even when we don’t like somethings about them.

Follow Ava and Andy as they think about how this applies to rainbows, toys, animals, and people. Children tend to be black and white thinkers. Loving in Pieces can help them understand that we can still love and care for someone even when we don’t like what they have done or the choices a person is making.

. Purchase Here!

Bip Bop Sparkle Pop Coming in September 2021

A fun rhyming counting book with a good little witch who rescues her new friends.

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