Works in Progress


Justice Kills by Nicole Lowe

Go Big or Go Home: the musings of an ultrarunning mom by Nicole Lowe

Go Big or Go Home is stuffed full of running advice on technique, training, and gear for running a 5k to a 100 mile race. It includes training plans and strength training routines for runners of all experience levels. It covers issues from nutrition to minimalist running. Through out the book are examples of epic failures and inspirational successes. Each chapter ends with practical and compassionate parenting information learned while putting one foot in the front of another.

In editing stage.


God Gates Trilogy by Nik Lowe

Book One Fractured: Embrielle, an elite warrior and heir to the Lunarius throne, hunts the rogue mage Rhensono who cast a deep shadow upon her when she was only first learning to draw a blade. Rhenson’s curse upon Embrielle condemns her to a life of rejection and isolation. She is convinced the only way for her to regain the world she knew as a child is by hunting down Rhenson and removing his soul from existence.

Editing stage

Book Two and Book Three

Outlining Stage




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